Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Skills

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Heart Seas!

My heart it bleeds as I remember who I am to you
to now be true
for years I fought to be my voice
always seeming no other choice
Then other voices around me demand
to be the things of mainstream man
afraid and wanting everyone's love
I would shut my mouth
and hide my pearl
as a clam forgotten
laid waste to toxic laden seas
How a heart will bleed! A heart will bleed!

Now today I stand
without looking back
knowing that before that distant land
is a world of knowing a better plan

Going back is death
to my inner stealth and the pearl now exposed to grow in wealth

Yesterday is gone
today a new day
let what they all had to say
fade away

Who needs their approval anyway
I have my relatives that are here to stay

All my life I waited
and prayed through and through
for the spiritual family
who could sing my tune (Of communion and love)
and hold my pearl to their heart wake~full

Now the fun here has just begun
when we look at our glare
and see heart of one
whether pain or joy

we can sing together
and choose to dance in a circle forever.
May the dream begin here with us
that we hear one another in heart
and open to trust
not only the other
but our heart seeds

To plant and flourish gardens of color
(and may the pearl of beauty wax and wean)

"Sung by Aimee Wonder Land, the Pearl who really understands, and she is our Constant Looking Glass to fill us up when we are last.  There inside of your heart sow pure, the heart of magic that fills the air, and when you are downtrodden from the seas, she says, look up and see the leaves (relatives who come home in the breeze)!" says, White Buffalo Calf Woman

Wonder of the World, Your Constant Looking Glass
Aimee the Beloved will hold your hand,
while sending the arrow into the heart.
Hark, what do I see but Angels falling down on their knees. 
It's you, she says, look it's you!

Warriors of the Earth