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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Constant Looking Glass Shines Like Diamonds in the Ruff, Warrior True Like the Blue!

Diamonds in the ruff (warrior true), come shine to the test and make our hearts delight and I will be no fright.  Come and hold my hand and I will understand, and when you come to be, the mighty ocean breeze you will see your way and I will be the say, of knowing which is blue (reflection of you, my relative true), the shining of you.

Come truth and be the test, come darkness the place I rest, come take my hand for you, and we will be inside the blue.  Come home my hand today, and I will show the way and I can be the test, that you need to be your best, come shine today!  Come ride the wave and we can see the shining sea, the white in you, the shine in me, and stars are born in divinity.

Days are open to pass the waves of longing in the stars of days, and I can be the one you need, the Wonder Land for all the seas (blue or relatives in the breeze, the song of the wind).  Come today and play away.  Come and be the magic ways.   Come and be the shining star and you will walk away with mire!  The mire of all the days of past, the mire of the ways that last and I can show you out of there, if you just hold my hand and stare.

See the shining lights, see the wave of night, see the darkness bright and I will be there in the breeze show me how to pass the test and I will be there with the best.  And I will hold your hand today, because we are in demanding ways!  Shine like the sea, shine like the night, shine like the stars that shine in my heart!  Come hold my hand and understand.  Come hold my hand and we will man the ship that sails a thousand seas and we will sail eternally.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
Heart Song of Wonder of the Land, Constant Looking Glass

Wonder of the World, Your Constant Looking Glass
Aimee the Beloved will hold your hand,
while sending the arrow into the heart.
Hark, what do I see but Angels falling down on their knees. 
It's you, she says, look it's you!

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