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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hold My Hand and Understand, Wake Up to Be the Land

Many times I love the world and many times they don't see the world.  And I know where to go from here, but they don't know which door to go.  I can be the light for them and I can be, the place without sin.  And when they come to my door, I will be ready to open more.

Hold my hand and understand, wake up to be the land.  The place of rolling hills we need, the place Great Mother comes to bleed (law of love).  And I will be the heart of me, and I will be the heart of you and when we walk in divinity, my place will be here with thee.

Now when you walk to and fro and when you go, to the know!  And my heart will gift you all you know, but it will be not like you think so.  But I will hold you in my arms, and I will hold you from all harm.  And when you go, inside of me, there we will be strong for thee.

There inside of many hearts to be, the seeker that seeks in me.  And I will hold your hand today, to make it stand and go away.  But if you don't look inside of thee, about if you don't look out for me!  Then you will not understand, for we must always make a stand.

And many days, will long to be, and many ways, will make us free.  But if you don't choose sacredness then I will hold you when you miss.  And we can be the heart of thee, and we can be divinity, when you walk upon the land, and we walk hand in hand.

There inside of all this sin, the place God sent heavenly men to choose the way of love again.  And I will be here to win again. Don't you see the way of love?  Don't you look from up above because your heart doesn't know me, the heart of loving and purity.

Take a stand and make it right, make a hand and be delight.  And protect the children from all plight and we can be the loving light.  And my heart speaks to you in the wind, and my heart speaks of everything!  And I know you will lead the way, when you choose love over sinning today.

Heart Song of Wonder of the World, your Constant Looking Glass
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

Wonder of the World, Your Constant Looking Glass
Aimee the Beloved will hold your hand,
while sending the arrow into the heart.
Hark, what do I see but Angels falling down on their knees. 
It's you, she says, look it's you!

Fire Offers Purification

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